Meta’s VR Arcade Restaurant Questy’s Will Feature Games & Virtual Pizza

Meta shared with us more information regarding its recently-announced digital venue coming soon to Horizon Worlds.

Yesterday, Meta announced that it will be airing a Meta Quest 2 promo during Super Bowl LVI. The 60-second ad spot will center around a group of estranged animatronic friends who reunite using the power of the Quest 2 and Horizon Worlds, the company’s VR metaverse. The commercial will also feature ‘Questy’s,’ a fictional arcade restaurant with a distinct 90’s feel.

As part of the promotion, Meta has teamed up with top Horizon Worlds creators to build a virtual replica of Questy’s inside the VR social platform. Here, Quest 2 users can hang out with friends while enjoying a variety of virtual entertainment.

We had a chance to chat with Dave Kaufman, Global Director of Marketing for Meta Quest and Metaverse, and Chelsey Kantor, Head of Brand and Integrated Marketing for Meta Quest to learn more about this unique VR space:

Can you tell me a little more about the Questy’s venue and what it entails? 

DF+CK: “The commercial takes place in a made up, 90s style arcade and restaurant called Questy’s. But after seeing it come to life in the commercial, we knew it was too fun to only exist on your TV. We’ve worked with top Horizon Worlds creators to rebuild Questy’s as a place you can hang out with your friends, play arcade games, enjoy (virtual) pizza, and more.”

Are there any other surprises we can expect beyond the animatronic band?

DF+CK: “Yes! The spot is a fun, heartwarming story that showcases the amazing ways people are using Meta Quest 2 to connect and have fun. The ad will have its share of drama, tug at your heartstrings, and serve up a fun dose of nostalgia.”

Credit: Meta

Can we expect the Questy to make a cameo during the 60-second TV spot?

DF+CK: “Questy makes a cameo– and we’re excited for some of our eagle-eyed fans to find them.”

Is the team in the development of any other exciting project involving Horizon Worlds

DF+CK: “We’re just getting started. With our recent name change and company shift toward the metaverse, plus a holiday where Quest 2 was one of the hottest gifts of the season, we can’t wait to have even more people experience the social connections VR and Quest 2 can create. Stay tuned for more big announcements surrounding our spot, including ways people can take part in a one-of-a-kind experience with Quest 2 after the game.

Meta has promised to share more information next week after the 60-second ad spot airs during Super Bowl LVI 2022.

Feature Image Credit: Meta

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