Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Teases New VR Games

This year’s showcase will feature over 40 minutes of VR gaming content.

Another year, another annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. For 2023, the company is promising a new-and-improved event featuring over 40 minutes of gaming-related content coming to Meta Quest VR headsets in the near future.

This year’s festivities will include, for the first time, will include a new pre-show event featuring everything from fresh game updates to debut trailers, all before the official showcase even starts. The event will also feature a post-show developer roundtable discussion.

“This is a banner year for VR, and the third annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase is our biggest celebration of the depth and breadth of content across the Meta Quest Platform yet,” said the company in an official release.

The pre-show kicks off at 9:45 am PT on June 1st. The main event will follow at 10:00 am PT. You can watch the action live on TwitchFacebookYouTube (plus YouTube in Japan), and in VR via Horizon Worlds, Meta’s own social VR metaverse platform.

For more information on the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase visit here.  

Feature Image Credit: Meta

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