Meta Is Reportedly Launching Multiple VR Headsets By 2024

Project Cambria will supposedly release this September followed by a new Quest in 2023.

A new report by The Information states that Meta (formerly Facebook) is currently in the development of four new headsets that will release by 2024. The website claims to have seen an internal roadmap outlining the company’s next steps, revealing an ambitious plan to dominate the VR/AR space.

According to the report, this lineup of new hardware will begin with the release of Project Cambria this September. Designed specifically for use in the workplace, this VR/AR device will supposedly feature both eye and face tracking as well as high-resolution colored Passthrough technology, allowing for more realistic mixed reality experiences. Meta claims the visuals are so clear that you’re able to pick up a pen and start writing comfortably without removing the headset, a major improvement over the original Quest and Quest 2 if accurate.

While The Information originally reported that Project Cambria will cost around $800, a Meta spokesperson has since reached out to the publication clarifying that Cambria will cost “significantly higher.” An updated version of Cambria, codenamed “Funston”, will supposedly launch in 2024. Before that Meta will launch two additional Quest headsets, “Stinson” and “Cardiff,” in 2023 and 2024 respectively.

The report also offered several updates on Meta’s long-awaited AR device. Codenamed “Nazare,” these AR glasses will supposedly launch in 2024. The company is also working on a pair of cheaper smartglasses called “Hypernova” powered by an electromyography wrist band that will allow you to control the device using only your thoughts. Unlike Nazare, which is supposedly a standalone device, Hypernova will pair with the user’s smartphone.

Moving forward, the company could release a lighter, more advanced pair of AR glasses in 2026 followed by another iteration in 2028, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we need to see just how Meta’s Narare AR glasses fair in 2024.

For more information check out The Information’s full report here.

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