Take a Breather With These Meditative VR Experiences

We all need a break from the crazy reality we live in today. So why not take a step into a virtual world to relax and get away from all your worries? We’ve hand picked some of our favorite meditative VR experiences out there available on a variety of headsets. Enjoy and namaste.

Lumen – Framestore Inc.


“De-stress in a bioluminescent forest with this interactive virtual reality experience.”

This is a self guided meditation created in collaboration with Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab designed for your wellness. Explore and interact with a beautiful illuminated forest doing breathing exercises and listening to a soothing track.

Watch On: Android Cardboard  iPhone Cardboard  HTC Vive

Other Worlds – Turtle Rock Studios


“Other Worlds allows players to experience the awe and beauty of being inside a painting, showcasing three unique worlds all from the mind of artist Justin Cherry.”

Explore three beautifully dark environments that are eerily peaceful. Definitely for people with a darker sense of zen. Yes, we thought of you too.

Watch On: Gear VR

Guided Meditation VR – Cubicle Ninjas


“Meditation made simple & visual. Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life with the virtual relaxation app Guided Meditation VR.”

If you are a beginner when it comes to meditation or have a hard time calming your overstimulated mind, then this is the experience for you. With comprehensive guidance and a large variety of lush environments to pick from, Guided Meditation VR lets you curate your own meditation around the world.

Watch On: HTC Vive • Gear VR

Finding Your True Self  – Wevr


Deepak Chopra, Wevr and Gotham Chopra join forces to explore the important role of VR in the future of wellbeing and understanding the true nature of reality. We are hoping to see this piece come out towards the end of this year. You can read our full writeup here.

Zen Parade – Shape Space VR


“In Zen Parade, you float through an endless sky filled with evolving abstract sculptures. The fluid motion of the sculptures and the sound healing music are designed to engage the imagination, inspire wonder, and enhance well being.”

Step into the psychedelic surreal world of Zen Parade. Beautiful and moving, you can sit back and let the experience take care of the rest…you even have the option to put it on loop.

Watch On: Gear VR

Google Earth VR – Google


Although it’s not meant as a meditative piece, it sure feels like one. Google Earth VR lets you explore the world as you fly over natural wonders, stand at the top of the highest peaks, and even soar into space. All with tranquil music playing in the background, Google Earth VR makes you want to get lost for hours.

Watch On: HTC Vive

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