Meditate On Your Own Virtual Island In ‘Maloka’ On Quest

Practice your meditation skills alongsdie your ownTamagotchi-style spirit guide in this guided meditation app.

There are a number of studies that highlight the positive impact meditation can have on the human body as well as the mind. Not only can it reduce your overall stress, but it can also give you more cognitive flexibility, improve your working memory, help with anxiety, and even lower your blood pressure.

Maloka from Galaxy Labs is a VR experience that gamifies the meditative arts while helping you develop a personalized routine, putting you on the path to mindfulness and inner peace. Players are transported to a small private island where they can escape the stresses of reality and focus on exploring their feelings and thoughts in a variety of calming and serene environments. 

Joining you on the island is a Tamagotchi-style spirit guide who will assist you throughout your meditative adventures. The more time you spend meditating alongside your adorable sidekick, the more the island will begin to change. Vibrant plants will begin to bloom as the mesmerizing landscapes of your otherwordly island expand and change. As you explore your island, you’ll discover various statues and sounds hidden throughout.

Each island also features special portals capable of transporting you to different island worlds and cosmic vistas that seem to go on forever. Maloka promises a calming, playful experience featuring real meditative practices backed by science.

Image Credit: Galaxy Labs

Developed by celebrated wellness authors Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz (the sister-in-law team behind the book Just Sit) in partnership with acclaimed developers Koffeecup and HOO KOO E KOO, Maloka is designed to build and maintain your own meditation practice by targeting your Beta and Theta brain waves to ease you into a zen-like state. VR technology immerses you in a colorfully vibrant world filled with calming sounds of wind and chimes, experiential learning, and guided experiences designed to help free you from the real world and get your meditative juices flowing.

In Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz’s book, Just Sit, the pair explain how many individuals find themselves overwhelmed by hectic work and social schedules and, as a result, aren’t taking the time to focus on themselves. Just Sit breaks down the many different ways those with demanding schedules can find time to incorporate meditation in their day-to-day lives. According to the developers, the book served as a major inspiration for Maloka.

Moving forward, Galaxy Lab will begin partnering with wellness experts and VR therapy organizations from around the world to continue expanding Maloka’s catalog of VR meditative experiences., including 360-degree sound baths, movement meditation, and so much more. In addition to the VR app, Maloka will also feature a mobile companion app you can use to monitor your virtual island and track your meditative process.

Maloka will be arriving for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets later this year. The companion app will be available on iOS and Android devices at launch.

If you’d like to learn more about Maloka, including their closed beta program, visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Galaxy Labs

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