‘Medal Of Honor: Above & Beyond’ VR Multiplayer Looks Absolutely Massive

12 maps, five game modes, zero places to hide.

Oculus today unveiled a brand new trailer for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond showcasing the upcoming WWII shooter’s impressive lineup of multiplayer offerings, including—but not limited to—several immersive game modes, a diverse range of unique PvP environments, an arsenal of finely-tuned weaponry, and a dozen other details that will leave you drooling at the mouth.


Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will launch December 11th on Oculus and SteamVR headsets with five game modes. “Deathmatch” and “Team Deathmatch” are relatively self-explanatory. Players—either by themselves or with a team—fight to rack up the most kills within a set amount of time. “Blast Radius” offers a fresh take on the classic “King of the Hill” mode. “Domination” is your standard “take-and-hold” mode, tasking players with capturing and holding certain positions throughout the map.

“Mad Bomber,” on the other hand, offers a brand new experience designed specifically with VR in mind. In this twisted game of cat and mouse, each player is given a bomb to hide somewhere throughout the map with the goal of killing unsuspecting enemies. Using the 6DoF functionality afforded by VR, players can hide these pesky devices in unique positions anywhere they’d like, forcing you to check every nook-and-cranny for hidden explosives. Disarming bombs is as simple as pulling out the wires.

“We talked about what would be cool only in VR,” said Multiplayer Lead Nathan LaMusga in the official release. “We started with a bomb defusal fantasy and worked backwards from there.”

“The big thing is echolocation. If you can hear it, you can die to it,”


Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will feature 12 unique PvP environments at launch, from German u-boat pens and French vineyards to massive train wrecks and sleepy European towns.

“They’re all very different from each other, so the loadout variety is huge,” said Game Director Peter Hirschmann. “The tactical decisions you have to make are incredibly varied.”


Whether you’re a fan of intense close-quarters combat or prefer picking off foes comfortably from a safe distance, you’re sure to find a weapon that works for you in Above and Beyond. So much so, in fact, the developers recommend you spend sometime familiarizing yourself with each of the games classic weaponry, from close-range guns like the shotgun to long-range weapons like the Gewehr 43 sniper.

“We kept them focused on their strengths, which makes each weapon feel very distinct,” added Nathan, “find one that speaks to your hand movements better than the others.”

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond launches December 11th on Oculus Rift/Rift S, Oculus Quest/Quest 2, and compatible SteamVR headsets. According to RoadtoVR, the game will feature cross-play between Oculus and SteamVR headsets, though players will be unable to invite friends playing on different systems.

For more information you can check out the full announcement here.

Image Credit: Oculus

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