Mayweather Boxing & Fitness VR Program Debuts At First Gym This Month

Take a closer look into what the world-class boxer promises to be the “future of fitness.”

No matter what your opinion of Floyd “Money” Mayweather may be, there’s no denying the man knows exactly what he’s doing. The super star athlete has accumulated fifty wins and zero losses in his 20 plus years of boxing, along with his own personal athletic promotional company, several property investments and a slew of other ventures.

The result of all this entrepreneurial spirit is an astonishing net worth eclipsing an estimated $1 billion. So what comes next after you’ve dominated an entire sport, developed your own media empire, and earned a stack of cash so massive it would make Oprah blush?

Well if you’re “Money Mayweather,” you reinvent the way athletes train by unveiling a brand new VR boxing experience. Shown off earlier this week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Virtual Reality program puts you through an increasingly difficult 12-week training regiment in which Virtual Floyd will school you on everything you’ll need to know to dominate in the ring.

Using the HTC Vive, users will visit an array of exotic locations where they’ll train in a variety of physical routines from speed bags and jump rope, to jab and uppercut training. The Vive’s headset and controls monitor the speed and intensity of your moves, tracking your overall progression over the course of the 3-month program. All the while Virtual Floyd will be standing over your shoulder, trash-talking you any time he catches you slacking off. Don’t worry though, upon completion of your rigorous workout you’ll get a chance for revenge as you throw down fisticuffs with the legend himself.

“If you feel good, you look good,” Mayweather said during the CES reveal press conference.

Thanks to its ability to track progression from each user, the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Virtual Reality program is perfect for both experienced fighters looking for additional support, and inexperienced newcomers looking to ease their way into the intimidating world of boxing.

Unfortunately, those looking to take on the virtual champ themselves will have to do some traveling. As of right now Mayweather’s boxing and fitness VR experience will only be accessible at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness tech-enabled gyms enrolled in Mayweather’s affiliate business model. No word yet on when or even if the experience will make its way into homes, but based on the current distribution model you can most likely expect the program to remain at affiliated gyms.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness VR will make its debut launch later this month at the flagship Mayweather Boxing + Fitness tech-enabled gym in LA with more planned locations on the way. The VR experience was developed in collaboration with Grab Games.

Can’t wait that long for a proper Mayweather workout? The Mayweather group has already announced plans for an upcoming official iOS app chock full of Floyd’s favorite at-home and gym-based workouts, community support and bookings for classes at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gyms.

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