MasterpieceVR Lets Four People Paint and Sculpt Together in VR

What’s better than making art with friends?

As you might guess from checking out our annual art show or watching Art Attack, our mixed reality series produced with Soul Pancake, we at VRScout are big believers in the possibilities for art and content creation in VR.

Over the past year, MasterpieceVR has emerged as one of the most robust art creation toolsets and artist communities in the world, with appearances at the Magik Gallery debut exhibition, Art of VR, and AWE. Today, the company launched its premium edition, sporting a host of features that augment the consumer edition—including a few big “firsts” for the VR industry.

“From the beginning, we knew that we could use VR to help creative individuals and professional artists make high quality 3D art more quickly and easily,” MasterpieceVR CEO Jon Gagne said. “This is a completely revamped product that’s significantly more powerful than before.”

Social Art

MPVR was the first art creation tool to feature collaborative functionality, allowing two users to sculpt at once. Now, you can make it a party; four artists can paint and sculpt together simultaneously. That means that you and your friends—regardless of where they are in the world—can make 3D content together in realtime.

“We’re the only 3D sculpting and painting application to supports full collaboration to edit the same content together in real time,” Gagne said. “It’s a virtual sandbox for friends or production teams to use. Creators can work together on a project, exchange ideas, give real-time feedback or teach a 3D modeling class in virtual reality.”

And the hangout isn’t just limited to creators. If you’re mostly interested in the social aspect or learning from professionals, you can hop into spectator mode—where up to twenty people can watch at a time.

For creators who want to broaden their reach beyond VR, they can push broadcasts across major social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch—opening up new possibilities for engaging with fans, friends, and family.

Your Imagination is the Limit

MPVR is also the first tool to support volumetric sculpting and ribbon painting, letting creators build with an unprecedented degree of creative freedom.

“I really like the bold approach of fusing painting with sculpting inside the same workspace,” said Vladimir Ilic, a 3D Industrial Designer and VR Art Director, in a statement. “Having access to both inside the same app makes you think differently about your process and generates new ideas.”

Cross-Platform Compatibility

With functionality on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows headsets launching later this year, MasterpieceVR is designed to be used by enthusiasts and creative professionals alike. It fits with established 2D workflows, so 3D modelers, designers, illustrators, and traditional artists can integrate their creations into pre-existing pipelines using standard formats like OBJ and FBX.

And when you’ve put the finishing touches on your masterpiece, export it into the world with 3D-printing capabilities.

“Our hope with MasterpieceVR is that it awakens in users a new level of creativity,” Gagne said. “Plus, it’s just ridiculously fun, colorful, immersive and allows you to freely explore your creative potential.”

In launching its premium edition, MasterpieceVR has catapulted to the forefront of immersive art creation. Now get to building—and don’t forget to send your creations our way!

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