Marvel’s Iron Man VR Will Feature Customizable Suits & Weapon Crafting

Explore Tony’s garage and modify your suit in hit upcoming PSVR exclusive.

Marvel’s upcoming superhero simulator Iron Man VR is shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases of 2020. This July players will have the chance to step into the shoes of one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes as take on a series of vertigo-inducing missions that will have them jetting back and forth across the globe.

In addition to playing the role of Iron Man, players will also experience what it’s like to be the man inside the suit, Tony Stark. This week, developer Camouflaj revealed a behind-the-scenes look at Tony’s garage, a sort of central hub players will visit between missions where they can plan out their next assignment, customize their suit, or just sit back and unwind.

In a video posted yesterday to YouTube entitled “Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Tinkering as Tony,” designers Blaine Higdon and Ryan Darcey, director Ryan Payton, and producer Aaron Whiting guide us through Tony’s lavish Malibu home. Here players can relax and listen to the radio, flirt with Pepper, relieve some stress on the punching bag, or just sit back enjoy the life of a billionaire playboy philanthropist. The real fun, however, is located just below in the garage.

Using Tony’s futuristic workshop, players will have the opportunity to customize the look and feel of their very own Iron Man suit. In addition to various cosmetic upgrades, players can modify various aspects of the suits, including its repolsors and power, as well as craft additional weapons for the suits auxilliary slots, such as cluster bombs and smart missiles. There are also augment slots, which allow players to craft equipment effecting their HUD capabilities, thrusters, and ammo layout.

“Early on in development, the team at Camouflaj knew that bringing the iconic garage into virtual reality would be essential” said Yara Abou Samra, producer at Camouflaj. “We knew it had to be a place where players could get the full-fantasy of the inventor, Tony Stark. We wanted the garage to empower players to tinker with and upgrade their suit and get more powerful as they got deeper into the campaign, looking stylish along the way.”

Marvel’s Iron Man VR arrives July 3rd exclusively on PlayStation VR.

Image Credit: Camouflaj / Sony PlayStation

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