Marvel Is Getting Its Own Pokémon Go-Style AR Game

The game was announced last week during Disney’s D23 2022 expo.

Niantic, the creators of popular augmented reality (AR) games such as Pokémon Go and Pikmin Bloom, is partnering with Marvel to launch Marvel World of Heroes, a new location-based AR experience that allows you to create your very own superhero and fight crime throughout the real world.

“Become a Marvel Super Hero in the real world,” says the official website. “Create your own hero, patrol your neighborhood to foil crimes, and team up with your friends as well as iconic Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine to save the Multiverse!”

Similar to Niantic’s other location-based AR experiences, you’ll physically navigate the real world in search of activities to complete as well as new abilities and equipment you can use to strengthen your character. This includes Thor’s mighty hammer, Cyclops’ laser eyes, and Doctor Strange’s shield spells.

Based on the footage provided, it appears as though you’ll have the ability to team up with famous Marvel superheroes as well as your friends to form your own bootleg Avengers team.

According to the website, Marvel World of Heroes will be entering a soft launch in the near future. Those interested in playing the game ahead of its full launch can register here. A full launch is currently scheduled for 2023.

Image Credit: Marvel

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