Harness The Powers Of Famous Marvel Heroes In This New Lenovo Mirage AR Experience

Team-up with a friend and battle recognizable super-villains using six legendary heroes.

From Asgard to the Fear Dimension and every realm in between, fans of the Marvel Universe have followed their favorite characters on a journey across time and space in a quest to defeat the forces of evil. However, with the just-launched MARVEL Dimension of Heroes AR experience, fans no longer have to just follow along with their favorite heroes’ fight against evil on the big screen– they can join in on the fight themselves. 

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, Lenovo

The new Lenovo Mirage AR experience takes players on an original Marvel journey, placing them in the shoes of fan-favorite heroes Doctor Strange, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Star-Lord as they battle to defeat the infamous super-villains standing right before them in their very own living rooms in AR. 

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, Lenovo

Players can choose from three unique playable modes to kick-off their Marvel experience: story mode, survival mode, or co-op mode. Story mode allows players to play through an original Marvel storyline in which they channel powers from all six heroes in an interdimensional battle against Dread Dormammu, Lord of the Dark Dimension, and his alliance of super-villains including Loki, the Winter Soldier, and more. Survival mode gives players a chance to compete against other fans via an online global leadership board as they play as a single hero and rack up points for successfully fending off waves of enemy attacks. Finally, co-op mode allows players to tag team with a friend in the same room as they fight side-by-side as different heroes against super villains—while also competing against one another for higher scores. 

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, Lenovo

Available exclusively on the Lenovo Mirage AR, the high-energy game is well suited to the device’s unique attributes. The lightweight headset and floor tracking sensor give players the ability to move throughout space freely, while ‘Universal Controllers,’ worn over the knuckles for a full sense of control, allow for complex hand and wrist movements and are dynamically adjusted to function on hold release or press so that players can truly feel the distinction between the heroes they play as through variances in controls and move sets.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, Lenovo

MARVEL Dimension of Heroes is not the first collaboration between Lenovo and Disney—it follows a successful launch of a Star Wars AR experience last year—and certainly will not be the last. 

“Lenovo Mirage AR with MARVEL Dimension of Heroes is another milestone demonstrating Lenovo and Marvel’s shared passion for bringing rich, immersive consumer experiences to life through smarter technology,” said Johnson Jia, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Business of Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo, in an official release. After years of close collaboration with Disney starting from Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, we’re excited to expand this incredibly fun and interactive experience for more gamers and especially Marvel fans to enjoy.”

Fans eager to fight evil side-by-side with their heroes can purchase the Lenovo Mirage AR device in the U.S. starting September 6, 2019 here

Feature Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, Lenovo

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