How This Woman Was Proposed to Using VR

Kate, 33, was under the impression she and her partner Robin, 37, would be traveling from their home in Brighton to Sheffield to test a new VR experience for a little extra cash. What she didn’t expect was to leave with a fiancé and £5,000.

The UK financial provider Santander helped Robin stage an elaborate proposal for his future wife for their marketing campaign Actual Reality, Love Virtually. Robin entered their UK wide search for couples ready to pop the question, and worked with the company to create an endearing proposal.

“I knew I wanted to pop the question, but I was racking my brains to think of something really memorable and fun,” Robin said. “I told Kate just enough of the truth to get her in the car.”

Little did Kate know, that as she donned the VR headset, an extravagant set with a flowered archway, the UK track and field star Jessica Ennis-Hill and her boyfriend would all fill in behind.

The VR headset served almost as a luxury blindfold, keeping her distracted and from hearing everything setting up around her.

“I went along with Robin’s VR ploy because we needed to buy a new oven,” Kate said. “I couldn’t believe it when I took the headset off and there was Robin with a ring and the real Jessica Ennis-Hill! It was a surreal and amazing experience, I couldn’t be happier.”

This isn’t the first time VR has been used in a marriage proposal either. In 2015, a Valve employee proposed to his then-girlfriend with a virtual ring and when she uncovered her VR headset she saw him bent down on one knee with a real ring. In 2016, another man proposed to his then-girlfriend using a Tilt Brush painting, “I have something to ask you,” followed by “will you marry me,” in virtual reality.

This seems like this won’t be the last of VR marriage proposals, especially as big companies like Santander join in on the excitement.

You can check out the entire proposal in the video below:

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