Mario Kart GP VR Arrives Stateside This October

VR Zone’s hit rendition of the original Nintendo classic heads to Washington DC alongside two other LB VR experiences.

Just over one year ago Bandai Namco launched their first VR Zone location in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo, Japan. Since then the location-based entertainment center has expanded to multiple locations across multiple countries, quickly becoming one of the most prominent location-based VR providers in the world.

This is due in large part to Bandai Namco’s impressive curation of AAA VR games, many of which are based off well-known franchises, such as Dragon Quest,Ghost in the Shell, and Dragon Ball. The VR arcades biggest attraction, however, is without doubt Mario Kart GP VR, an officially licensed VR rendition of Nintendo’s legendary kart-racing franchise.

For the past year, fans stateside have watched as the highly-talked about VR racer made an appearance everywhere from Tokyo to London, patiently awaiting the day they too could physically huck massive turtle shells at their friends and loved ones in glorious virtual reality.

Well it appears as though our time has finally come as Bandai Namco announces the arrival of ‘VR Zone Portal Washington DC.’, Bandai’s first U.S. VR Zone location. Available for 6-months beginning October 1st, fans can visit Union Station located near DC’s National Mall to check out the multiplayer experience, along with Argyle Shift, an action-packed experience that puts you in the role of a next gen pilot tasked with delivering a mech to the battlefield, and Ski Rodeo, an alpine skiing simulation.

“Bandai Namco is thrilled to be a part of the innovative, cutting-edge project that is VR Zone Portal,” spoke Bandai Namco U.S. sales boss, Steve Ignarski, according to Venturebeat. “The launches in Japan and the U.K. brought great success, and we hope to follow suit in Washington, D.C. Mario Kart VR is a long-awaited title, and we have no doubt it will be well-received in the states, due to its incredible, immersive game-play and outstanding equipment from HTC Vive.”

Utilizing HTC Vive headsets, Vive Trackers, and location-based metal go-kart rigs, which include steering wheels, pedals, and haptic feedback, Mario Kart GP VR transports players into the most realistic version of Mario Kart to-date. Up to four friends can compete for glory as they steer around danger and collect valuable items using their own two hands. Players can select from a small handful of classic Nintendo characters, including Luigi, Mario, Peach, and Yoshi. Currently only the one course is available.

Each experience will cost $8 per person; not a bad price for the chance to strike your friends with lighting as you steal their hard-earned coins.

Image Credit: Bandai Namco VR Zone Shinjuku

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