Man Loses 138 Pounds Following Beat Saber Workout Routine

A dedicated VR gamer has developed a 30-minute workout routine using Beat Saber and the results are promising.

After an unfortunate series of car accidents that resulted in permanent injury to both his back and neck, Robert Long wasn’t sure how he’d recover. Stress hormones at the hands of depression caused Robert to gain weight, preventing doctors from making key procedures to his damaged back.

As a result, Robert began researching realistic exercise options for someone in his unique position, eventually leading him to purchase an HTC Vive, as well as a copy of the massively popular VR rhythm game, Beat Saber.


“It worked for me because it drew in my inner child so I was able to give my all and have fun doing it,” spoke Robert in a reddit post directed at the Beat Saber community. “If you give this workout and game your all, you will see some amazing results. Who knows you all may even fine-tune this workout better than I even have now.”


Over the course of the next two months, Robert went from 468 lbs to 330 lbs thanks to a combination of proper dieting and an intense 30-minutes of Beat Saber daily. Robert’s full reddit post goes into further detail on the correct procedure for maximum results:

“I managed to make a great 30 minute per day routine. So if you had a normal day of walking and moving around you would just do one 30 minute session of songs. Or two 30 minute sessions per day, if you have had a slow day and not done much walking around or sat most of the day.”

“Here is the key to using Beat Saber as a workout and not just a game. Most use it by just standing still and move very little and when they move they move just a little. You have got to have the play space on this thing set up so you can move around.”

“When you load up a song you are going to want to try and feel the beat/bpm. I am not kidding. Let the music take you and just feel it in your soul. Let that inner kid out. And try and step left and right and bop a lil’ back and forth and get into it. It’s supposed to be fun so have fun and cut loose for your workout.”

Check out Robert’s full reddit post for other valuable nuggets of advice. The Beat Saber subreddit community has already expressed massive support towards Robert’s insightful post, praising his infectious enthusiasm towards the popular VR title.

Image Credit: Robert Long / Beat Games

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