Magic Leap’s New AR Headset Is Coming This September

The Magic Leap 2 will be available for purchase starting at $3,299 through select partners.

American startup company Magic Leap has announced the official price and specs of the Magic Leap 2, its latest mixed reality headset designed for professionals and developers. The company has already teased a suite of new features, including eye-tracking cameras as well as dynamic dimming lenses capable of adjusting the amount of light transmission.

Today the company revealed that the Magic Leap 2 will be available this September starting at $3,299. There’s also the Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro for $4,099 which includes additional developer tools, sample projects, and enterprise-grade features, as well as the Magic Leap 2 Enterprise for $5,000, which is designed for large-scale IT deployments.

The company also revealed the official specs of the device which you’ll find below:

The Magic Leap 2 will be available for purchase on September 30th through select partners in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with plans for release in Japan and Singapore by the end of the year. Each headset comes with a compute pack and controller as well as the following components:

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Image Credit: Magic Leap

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