Magic Leap Powers MR Catwalk At London Fashion Week

Three launches world’s first 5G mixed reality catwalk at London Fashion Week featuring Lennon Gallagher.

Three’s 5G network will debut at London Fashion Week to fuel the world’s first 5G mixed reality catwalk with the hotly anticipated Central Saint Martins MA Fashion show featuring world-renowned model, Lennon Gallagher. The opening collection of the show, created by one of the upcoming designers, Gerrit Jacob, uses innovative Magic Leap spatial computing technology alongside Three’s 5G network, which will bring the designer’s inspirations to life on the catwalk and will remain installed for future use by the students.

“My nine-piece collection was born out of a love for the retro, eccentric and wonderfully weird inspired by my experiences living in Hamburg,” says Jacob. “I’ve weaved in Three’s 5G fueled mixed reality technology to create something exceptional for the catwalk and it is an honour to debut it with Lennon Gallagher in Friday’s London Fashion Week MA show.”

Image Credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire

The collection, an eclectic and colourful interpretation drawn from the 80’s gaming arcades and fairgrounds scene, is the first 5G experience to bring these iconic themes to life in front of the eyes of the fashion elite, opening a metaphorical door into the mind of the designer.

“Magic Leap gives us the ability to create digital effects that interact with the real world, live,” adds Connie Harrison, director of immersive experiences. “It’s something a lot of people won’t have experienced before, and that feels exciting. Gerrit’s inspiration for his collection is very personal to him, but actually it’s something that will resonate with a lot of people. For me, the best mixed reality is one that pays attention to real and virtual, making them work together to create the illusion.”

Image Credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire

The launch marks the UK’s first permanent consumer-facing 5G installation and is part of Three’s long-term creative partnership with Central Saint Martins. This will see the college’s 5,000 students accelerate the convergence of fashion, art, design, performance and technology, and includes the creation of a bespoke design-focused 5G laboratory featuring IOT (Internet of Things) hardware and other connected tech; better allowing students to express their creativity in new ways through AR, VR and cloud computing.

The creative collaboration will also give students the ability to create 5G enabled concepts and products to revolutionize the future retail store experience. The evolution of 5G is predicted to transform everyday life based on its super fast speeds and low latency. It will enable VR live broadcasts, connected transportation, manufacturing, energy, security, smart city applications, environmental applications, and a wealth of other wireless possibilities both inside and outside the home.

Image Credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire

Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer at Three, said: “Today we are turning up the volume on 5G and bringing it to life for the first time in the UK, right here in the heart of the fashion world. By giving students access to the next generation of mobile technology, they will be able to push the boundaries of learning, innovation and sustainability to create in a way that’s never been possible.”

From March, customers can experience the world’s first mixed reality catwalk in its flagship store, Oxford Circus, the only store in the UK which is 5G enabled.

Working with Three and Magic Leap, REWIND produced all the mixed reality content as well as the technology that powered the live show. 

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