Lucasfilm is Making a Darth Vader VR Movie

Darth Vader will be the focus of this upcoming David S. Goyer Stars Wars VR film.

David S. Goyer, the co-writer of “Batman v Superman” and the “Dark Knight” trilogy, is teaming up with Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division ILMxLAB to create a virtual reality “story experience” about Darth Vader.

The announcement was made on stage at Star Wars Celebration over the weekend, where Goyer revealed he is working on the group’s next major VR initiative. The project is expected to let viewers join and be a part of an entirely original story within the Star Wars universe.

“When we looked at all the characters, places, and worlds in the Star Wars universe available to us, we asked ourselves, ‘What haven’t we seen before? Who are we curious about?” Goyer continued, “Darth Vader is the perfect ambassador to usher us into theStar Wars VR universe.”

You can check out the Vader VR portion of the ILMxLab panel here, which was part of a longer livestream. A teaser was also shown on stage with Darth Vader silhouetted against a fiery planet that can be viewed here.

Although no release date was revealed, we could be waiting a bit for this to drop. “I’m really, really excited for a year or two, whenever it happens, and you guys get to experience what we’re working on,” Goyer told the crowd. “It’s pretty mindblowing.”

This Darth Vader VR experience follows up on ILMxLAB’s Trials on Tatooine VR project that is coming to the Steam store for free July 18th. To date, Trials of Tatooine has only been available to demo at trade shows and conventions, so you can expect us to all be taking turns in the office today.

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