‘Lone Echo II’ Release Date & Price Announced

Join Captain Olivia Rhodes and her robot sidekick Jack on yet another VR sci-fi adventure set in deep space.

After numerous delays, developer Ready at Dawn has announced a final release date for its highly-anticipated VR sci-fi adventure game, Lone Echo II. A direct follow-up to 2017’s Lone Echo, the long-awaited sequel continues the story of Captain Olivia ‘Liv’ Rhodes and Jack, an unlikely duo caught up in a series of catastrophic events.

In the original game, players take on the role of Jack as they assist Liv in unraveling a deep space mystery by overcoming a variety of unique challenges using an assortment of advanced tools.

Set aboard a state-of-the-art mining facility located within the rings of Saturn, players navigate futuristic environments using easy-to-learn zero-g locomotion mechanics and interact with the in-world using motion controls and interactive dialogue as they attempt to reunite with Liv after an unknown force obliterates their space vessel, leaving them stranded in deep space.

The upcoming sequel once again follows Liv and Jack as they embark on yet another futuristic adventure set 400 years after the events of the original game. While little is known about the story so far, a 2018 trailer shows Jack in disarray as Liv works to secretly repair her AI companion while aboard a mysterious new vessel. It appears as though many of the original games’ key features will be returning, including zero-g locomotion, professional voice acting, and a compelling narrative.

Image Credit: Ready at Dawn

Lone Echo II is scheduled to launch on Oculus Rift headsets on August 24th for $39.99. Those who purchase the game will also receive a free Jack-themed chassis, the VEGA X-3, for their Echo VR avatar.

If you haven’t played the first game yet, today’s your lucky day! Beginning now until August 24th, you can pick up the original Lone Echo on Oculus Rift headsets for just $9.99. That’s a solid price for roughly five to nine hours of captivating sci-fi content.

For more information check out the official Oculus blog post here.

Feature Image Credit: Ready at Dawn

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