Oculus Announces ‘Lone Echo 2’ At Oculus Connect 5

A sequel to one of 2018’s most polished VR titles heads to the Oculus Rift 2019.

This past July, Lone Echo introduced us to Jack and Liv, an unlikely pair of friends who find themselves thrust into an extraordinary situation after their space vessel is destroyed by an unknown force. Stepping into the role of an ECHO ONE service robot, Jack, players were tasked with navigating a perilous zero-g environment as they attempted to reunite with their human commander, and friend, Olivia Rhodes.

Unique zero-g locomotion mechanics, branching dialogue trees, and stellar voice acting have managed to set Lone Echo apart from the rest of the pack as one of current VR’s most well-designed narrative-driven releases. Jack and Liv’s relationship was so compelling, in fact, that developers Ready at Dawn felt as though the duos journey wasn’t over. Not by a long-shot.

Announced earlier today at the Oculus Connect 5 event in San Jose, California, Lone Echo 2 throws players back into the metal feet of Jack as they join Liv for another mysterious set of deep space circumstances.

Based on the trailer, it appears as though players will find themselves in a bit of disarray as Olivia struggles to reconfigure your disassembled body while aboard a new vessel 400 years in the future. After an unknown voice requests Liv’s presence on the observation deck via loudspeaker, she instructs you to remain quiet. This is because, for some unknown reason, you’re not even supposed to be operational… The rest of the video showcases a healthy variety of elements you’ll remember from the original, including plenty of zero-g locomotion and deadly biomass.

You can check out a standard 2D trailer of the upcoming title, as well as an immersive 360-degree trailer experience for an even better impression of the captivating environments.

Lone Echo 2 launches 2019 on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch. 

Image Credit: Ready at Dawn

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