Live Event Augmentation Tool MXR Hits The XR Market

New XR visualization tool, MXR (Mixer), has been developed to compete in crafting the future of live event and fan experiences.

Marketed as “a new tool for a new generation of concert visuals” by its boutique studio, &Pull, MXR has been in development for two years and is now available for private beta access. 

MXR is a scalable creator tool that can tailor audio-visual experiences with native 3D rendering for 2D displays, as well as immersing fans through live engagement with XR devices and applications.

In an effort to future-proof content creation for performance visuals, MXR developer and &Pull’s founder, Eric Wagliardo, sees the program “as a new VJ tool” that allows for both traditional and more evolved XR imagery and interaction.

“There is this dream that so many of us [in the industry] share of innovating the concert experience where XR devices will be ubiquitous,” Wagliardo said. “We’re in a burgeoning moment where music visualization should be reimagined in this rebirth [of performances].”

“A lot of what we see with XR and virtual worlds right now are the incremental baby steps to facilitate a world in which wearables are commonplace. In order for us to get there, we need to build infrastructure and tools.”

Credit: &Pull

Wagliardo sees tools like MXR not as a gimmick, but as an opportunity for festivals, labels, and musicians to build new business pipelines and partnerships into tech, fandom, and visual artistry. 

“When working with Coachella, we believe that Broadcast AR is an important part of the future of music performance as more and more music events are being streamed online to scale their audience,” added Sam Schoonover, founder at Forward Studio + innovation lead for Coachella,” during an interview with VRScout.

“The issue is that these productions are so often cost prohibitive. The type of tooling that MXR is building should help alleviate those costs for musicians helping to scale more interesting and engagement entertainment experiences across the industry.”

With quick capabilities of generating a lot of content programmatically for complete customization and live manipulation, MXR is positioned to bridge a gap in seemingly seamless performance elevation.

Feature Image Credit: &Pull

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