Littlstar 360 Video App Launches on Apple TV

You can now watch 360-degree video on your TV thanks to the latest addition of a Littlstar Apple TV app.

In the past few months we have seen major platforms like YouTube and Facebook add 360-degree video viewing capabilities to their players, but we haven’t seen much from Apple.

Now the Disney-funded VR video platform, Littlstar, is expanding on just being able to view 360 and VR videos on their mobile app and the Samsung Gear VR, to now include Apple TV. With thousands of videos currently available in the Littlstar library, this could be a great introduction for many Apple TV owners to get a taste of 360-degree video.

Much like YouTube 360 or Facebook 360 video content when viewed on a desktop, switching the viewing angle within the video is as simple as clicking and swiping your cursor across the video player. In the case of the Littlstar Apple TV 360 video viewing, you can use the Siri Remote’s track pad to change viewing angles with the touch of your finger.


Littlstar has partnerships with a wide range of names in video content creation like Showtime, Disney, Discovery, Fusion, PBS, National Geographic, and Red Bull. So whether or not you are hiking the forest of Yellowstone or behind-the-scenes with a ballerina in training, there is content for everyone.

It is not just premium studio content that you will find on Littlstar either. Smaller studios or even individual content creators can upload their videos to the platform, bringing together a curated library of 360 and VR content that will help fuel the Apple TV Littlstar app experience.

As cable companies and television networks continue to come under pressure from content owners who are looking to access consumers in a more direct manner, newer content distribution platforms like Apple TV, Slingbox, and Roku promoting apps rather than channels is what the future of TV viewing looks like.

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