‘Little Bernie’ Is The Snapchat Lens America Needs Right Now

Jump on the bandwagon and start creating your own Bernie memes via this easy-to-use Lens.

This past Wednesday marked the historic 46th presidential inauguration of Joseph R. Biden Jr. And while this should have been the biggest story of the week, the only thing people seem to care about is a curmudgeonly Bernie Sanders and his incredible set of mittens.

Bernie looking comfy af during the 46th inauguration. // Image Credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Sanders, true to form, attended Wednesday’s inauguration with a sense of practicality, social distancing himself from other attendees while bundled up in a position that can best be described as “quintessential Bernie.” However, it’s Sanders’ custom mittens that seem to have taken the internet by storm. The cozy-looking apparel worn by the US senator was actually a homemade gift from second-grade teacher Jen Ellis, who has since been flooded with requests from people looking to pick up their own (spoilers: you no longer can).

Naturally, the internet had a field day with images of Sanders at the inauguration, flooding social media with top-notch Bernie-memes in the process. Even a handful of celebrities have gotten in the action, sharing everything from Star Wars cameos to a guest appearance on Sex and the City.

Interested in creating your own hilarious Bernie memes? A new Snapchat Lens from creator Amélie Tremblay lets you access your very own “Little Bernie” via AR and place him anywhere you’d like in the real world, no Photoshop experience or image editing skills required. Simply download the Snapchat app (available free on iOS and Android) and scan the image provided below or visit this link to download the Lens.

Image Credit: Amélie Tremblay

Once activated, you can then drag-and-drop as well as resize your own mini Sanders to fit in “seamlessly” with your real-world environment. It’s a painfully simple Lens, but one I’ve already had an immense amount of fun playing around with.

Image Credit: Amélie Tremblay

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