Limited Edition MF DOOM Augmented Reality NFTs Set For Auction

Own a piece of digital history in the latest MF DOOM crypto auction.

Bidders are currently at war over a series of signed, limited edition augmented reality (AR) NFT’s from the late MF DOOM, a legendary underground rapper and record-producer who sadly passed away this October.

What’s an NFT you ask? Think of it like a certificate of authentication designed for digital assets like gifs, jpegs, Tweets, and videos. Owners of an NFT have the right to sell, distribute or license their content however they’d like and are usually purchased using cryptocurrency such as Ethereum (ETH). Back in October of 2020, MF DOOM broke new ground with sale of the first AR NFT alongside blockchain auction and minting platform Illust Space.

Image Credit: Illust Space

Organized in collaboration with Rhymesayers, MF DOOM’s wife Jasmine, and the estate, this latest MF DOOM crypto auction offers NFT collectors yet another chance at owning a piece of digital history. Collectors can currently bid on a selection of signed, limited-edition MF DOOM AR masks, with 10% of the total sales going back to MF DOOM’s estate as a form of royalties in addition to individual donations from the current holders of the masks.

The auction began Thursday, March 11th and is scheduled to end tonight at 10pm PST. According to Illust Space, the NFT AR masks are expected to go anywhere from a whopping 10 to 50 ETH ($15,000-$75,000).

Those interested can check out the full catalog here. You can also donate to the MF DOOM fund with Ethereum via DOOM.eth.

Feature Image Credit: Illust Space

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