Lifeprint Partners With Warner Bros. For Harry Potter Magic Photos

The moving portraits featured throughout the franchise become a reality thanks to this AR printer.

If you’ve ever watched a Harry Potter film, chances are you’ve probably noticed the magical moving portraits spread throughout Hogwarts Castle. It’s a minor detail when compared to the dozens of other spectacular displays of magic shown throughout the series, but one that’s resonated with fans. You could go as far to say it’s become one of the defining features of the beloved franchise.

When Zink Printing Technology announced the release of its Lifeprint AR photo printer back in 2016, fans of the massive franchise naturally associated the device with their beloved fictional universe. After all, the printer was capable of printing photos that, when used with the paired smartphone app, come to life as full videos. So far, this is the closest commercial technology has brought us to J.K Rowling’s magical moving images.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the company has finally partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to release an official Harry Potter-themed version of the Lifeprint device for rabid fans of the series.

The Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer works exactly like the standard 2016 model: users shoot video using the devices free companion app, select which frame they’d like to use as the actual photo, then wirelessly print the image. They can then use the smartphone app to bring the image to life anytime via the “Hyperphoto” AR mode. Users can even send digital photos to their friends remotely, allowing them to share memories to anyone with a printer.

The device will print video from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Live Photos, as well as animated GIFs.

Ferociously loyal to your house? Users can filter their publicly shared photos to other members of their house for maximum inclusion. Now you can safely spread those nasty Slytherin memes you’ve been wanting to post! 

Not all of these upgrades are merely cosmetic, however. The Harry Potter rendition features a 20% slimmer body, an upgraded print engine, and a new customizable design that lets users to customize their printer with their favorite House badge. A plethora of Snapchat-style filters, stickers, and lenses are also available, such as Hogwarts scarfs, Death Eater masks, and various other Potter-themed goodies.

The Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer will be available October 22nd for $149.99. Pre-orders are now open on Amazon.

Image Credit: Life Print Photo

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