LG TV Launches AR Home Shopping For South Korean Viewers

Korean home-shopping enters the 21st-century. 

Earlier this week, LG telecom subsidiary LG Uplus and startup Eyecandylab launched a new shopping app exclusively in South Korea that allows TV viewers to interact with two popular live shopping channels in AR using their smartphones. 

While tuned-in to one of the two networks, users can raise their compatible iOS and Android devices at their TV screens to activate a series of branded augmented reality experiences, complete with 3D models, interactive popups, and various other immersive elements. Digital representations of the products being advertised can be rotated and placed in different locations throughout the real-world environment; users can then purchase these items directly by simply tapping on the AR model. 

“As the leading provider of innovative services in 5G, we are thrilled to offer relevant use cases to our consumers,” said Keeman Seoh, Vice President Strategic Alliance & Global Partnership Unit of LG Uplus. “Eyecandylab’s technology is a perfect differentiator and we are looking forward to taking the next step to extend our leadership position.”

“We are thrilled to be working with LG,” added Robin Sho Moser, CEO of Eyecandylab. “Home shopping is a perfect channel to demonstrate the benefits of augmented reality to consumers in everyday life. At the same time it supports companies in their sales.”

Image Credit: LG Electronics Inc.

Along with a more engaging shopping experience, LG Uplus 5G subscribers will also receive 5% off products advertised in augmented reality. LG’s U+AR shopping app is available now on devices capable of running ARKit (iPhone) or ARCore (Android). Unfortunately, these AR features are currently only available to South Korean LG TV owners. However, Eyecandylab has been working side-by-side with several companies to bring AR-based advertisements stateside.

Built using Eyecandylab’s SDK, the technology allows studios, brands, and other organizations to enhance linear 2D video with engaging 3D visuals and interactive elements. Some of the use-cases shown on the companies website include a futuristic live football viewing experience complete with an augmented scoreboard and 3D model of the field, as well as a ‘4D’ fishtank where schools of fish swim out of the screen and into the living room.

Image Credit: LG Electronics Inc.

So far the company has worked alongside major names including Nickelodeon, NBCUniversal, Comcast, Cartoon Network, and numerous other high-profile clients. With the dawn of dedicated AR headsets just beyond the horizon, it’s more than likely these types of immersive marketing strategies will only become more prevalent.

Feature Image Credit: LG Electronics Inc.

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