Lexus ‘Electrified’ Concept Car Features AR Displays, Gesture Controls, Personal Drone

Passengers have access to video, navigation, and other features via an AR-activated glass roof. 

Yesterday marked the launch of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, a nearly two-week event dedicated to showcasing the latest technological advancements in vehicles and transportation. Since its initial launch back in April 1954, the annual celebration of all-things-mobility has earned a reputation for attracting futuristic designs and bleeding-edge technology.

This year, the show continued that reputation with the reveal of Lexus’ LF-30 Electrified Concept, the latest addition to its “Electrified” car lineup that includes an intimidating amount of next-generation features — including, but not limited to — gesture controls, a dedicated personal-assist drone, as well as an interactive glass roof complete with AR visuals.

Image Credit: Lexus

While in the driver’s seat, or “cockpit,” operators have access to an advanced steering wheel complete with various controls for navigation and entertainment. Along with manual control and self-driving capabilities, drivers are also able to interact with the futuristic interface using a series of hand gestures. While it’s unclear exactly what these gestures do in terms of control, the video provided above appears to show the driver disengaging autopilot mode by waving his hand in front of the steering wheel.

Image Credit: Lexus

For those riding in the rear, the LF-30 features a solid glass roof capable of generating interactive AR visuals. Passengers are able to access navigation information, watch videos, and interact with a star-filled AR sky. Based on the video, passengers can trigger these AR visuals using what appears to be some sort of “smart bracelet.” No word on whether or not this is an accessory designed specifically for use with the LF-30 or simply a generic smart device.

Image Credit: Lexus

Finally, there’s the “Lexus Airporter.” This personal assist drone comes paired to the LF-30 and is designed to assist owners in transporting bags, luggage, and other items to and from their vehicle.

Of course, it goes without saying that the odds of catching an LF-30 out in the wild is slim to none. As is the case with most concept cars, the LF-30 was designed to showcase the potential future of automobiles and demonstrate the benefits of implementing bleeding-edge technologies. Still, I can’t help but feel excited by the idea of AR windows and my own personal WALL-E.

Feature Image Credit: Lexus

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