LEGO Brings BrickHeadz VR to Google Daydream

The kid-friendly builder play experience will have the little ones creating for hours.

Since launching on November 10th, Google’s Daydream VR platform has slowly been adding more apps to the platform after only a handful at launch.

It was no surprise that Google’s Daydream released with a number of their own apps like YouTube, Street View, Play Movies, and Google Photos, many of which made a big splash with first time VR users and enthusiasts alike.

Google did promise a release of 50 apps by the end of the year, so there are still quite a few like HBO and Netflix that we’re all waiting to check out. But one of the apps Google has also been teasing is LEGO’s own BrickHeadz VR that is now available for download.


The LEGO BrickHeadz VR app is currently in the Play Store in an “unreleased” beta state, so you can download and play it but there my be some kinks still to iron out. BrickHeadz is a line of LEGO products released earlier this year that had a variety of characters, including Marvel and DC super heroes.

Bringing LEGO into VR provides an entirely new way for fans and kids to interact with the line of plastic construction toys. The VR app doesn’t require you to read text, instead relying on graphics and diagrams, making this a friendly experience for young ones and international fans around the globe.


You can use the included Daydream View controller to discover new characters and solve play formulas from a magic book. I was able to change looks and behaviors of BrickHeadz characters, dragging them into different positions to watch a story unfold in front of my eyes. There is even the ability to freely build your own models out of LEGO bricks, rotating and stacking, to create your very own VR LEGO creations.


LEGO BrickHeadz Builder VR is free and only available on Daydream VR. It doesn’t appear to offer any in-app purchases at this time.

Image Credit: Google Play Store

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