Lego AR App Adds Virtual Dragons and Pirate Ships To Your Collection

Putting away your Legos just got a lot easier.

Are you a big fan of Lego? If you are, and you own an Apple device with an A9 processor or later, stop what you’re doing and download the LEGO AR-Studio app.

LEGO AR-Studio takes full advantage of Apple’s ARKit to bring six amazing pre-built Lego sets into your real-world environment that you can interact with, or you just watch them live out their Lego lives.

Watch the hustle and bustle of police officers hard at work, fire-breathing dragons that you can fly around the room, rocket-powered pirate ships, robotsm and more…but it doesn’t end there.

You can use the app to test your movie-making abilities. Simply record or take a snapshot of your assembled scene, or try your hand at framing by moving around and exploring the perfect angle of your shot. You could really take it to the next level by bringing in actual Lego sets into the AR environment and mixing both worlds for the ultimate LEGO movie creation that you can save and then share with the world as a video or photo.

When you first launch the app, it starts off with five unlocked Lego scenes, but in order to unlock the sixth scene, you need to complete a small survey that asks you if LEGO AR would inspire you to purchase physical sets to enhance your AR experience. It also explores the idea of being able to have friends join you in your scenes. I imagine that having the ability to challenge your friends to creation competitions will be something Lego could leverage to further drive app engagement.

LEGO AR-Studio also has a built-in gaming element within each AR scene, where you seek out gold Lego bricks that you collect and could possibly exchange for scene enhancements or new AR scenes.

Paul Coleman, who is a Coach for First Lego League, talked with VRScout about his excitement of LEGO utilizing AR, stating,

“Using AR to explore your LEGO creations is a pretty powerful one,” said Paul Coleman, a coach for First Lego League, in an interview with VRScout. “It really comes down to how well it’s implemented—but LEGO has experience building games, so I can see this being successful.”

What is really special about LEGO AR-Studio is you don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping barefoot on a LEGO brick.

LEGO AR-Studio is a free app that is available now in the Apple App store.

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