Legendary Electronic Musician Aphex Twin Launches AR App

Immerse yourself in a variety of trippy visuals accompanied by new music from the latest EP.

Richard David James, better known by his stage name, Aphex Twin, is an award-winning musician, composer, and DJ made famous by his unique style of contemporary electronic music. This week the ground-breaking artist released a new augmented reality (AR) app that’s almost as trippy as his music.

YXBoZXh0d2lu is an interactive experience for smartphones that immerses you in “AR landscapes” featuring the music from his latest EP, Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760. All you have to do is open the app and use your smartphone’s camera to scan the physical packaging. The front cover, CD or vinyl front, and back and inner sleeves all unlock unique 3D visuals.

The app features a variety of interactive experiences based on different tracks from the EP, including a unique-sounding “festival experience” as well as a beat-matching game. By arranging the vinyl packaging into a trifold “anamorphic diorama,” you unlock access to four track-by-track AR experiences.

YXBoZXh0d2lu is available free to download on iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play respectively. The app was developed by the spatial internet studio KALKUL in collaboration with Weirdcore and Warp Records.

Feature Image Credit: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

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