Learn How To Build A Gaming PC In VR

Build the computer of your dreams, regardless of budget.

Available now on PC VR headsets, PC Virtual LAB is an educational VR game that teaches you how to properly build your very own high-powered gaming PC while improving your knowledge of basic computer concepts.

Developed by a team working out of the Universidad de Burgos in Spain, the experience guides you through the PC-building process, step-by-step. You’ll learn where and how to install the motherboard, insert RAM modules, and every part in between.

At the end of the build, you’ll be graded on your performance based on the correct placement of specific parts. The game features multiple levels with different teaching goals and is also available on standard desktops, allowing you to craft the VR-ready gaming PC of your dreams before making the final plunge.

PC Virtual LAB was tested in the Introduction to Computer Science subject in the Media Communications degree of the University of Burgos in order to provide the most effective learning experience possible. According to the team, the game offers students greater satisfaction when compared to conventional teaching methods.

PC Virtual LAB is available for free on PC VR headsets via Steam. For more information visit

Image Credit: Universidad de Burgos

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