Leaked Concept Videos Show Samsung’s Take On AR Glasses

Project virtual screens, fly drones, and dim the lights with ‘Samsung Glasses Lite.’

During the weekend prolific Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, the same individual responsible for leaking images of the Oculus Quest 2 back in July of 2020, posted two concept videos showcasing what appears to be Samsung’s take on a dedicated AR headset.

Referred to in the videos as ‘Samsung Glasses Lite,’ this proof-of-concept represents what a pair of AR glasses made by the company could look like in the years ahead. On the surface, the Glasses Lite looks like your standard pair of sunglasses. Under the hood, however, the sleek-looking device houses an array of AR wearable technology, allowing the operator to project giant virtual screens over their real-world environment, pilot select DJI drones from a first-person-perspective, and access a next-generation AR office space complete with remote telecommunications.

In the first video shared by WalkingCat, we get a look at several interesting features that could eventually make their way to Samsung’s dedicated AR device. Portable Media and Dex Display would allow operators to access video games, television, movies, and their desktop computer without the need for a conventional monitor. You could even pilot a DJI drone from a first-person perspective; no expensive FPV goggles required.

The video also teases video call functionality, though it’s unclear how the person on the other end of the call would see the headset user. Another interesting addition is “Sunglasses Mode,” which—when triggered—automatically “dims the lights” for a more comfortable experience. Based on the footage provided, it appears as though operators would control the above-mentioned features via a compatible Samsung device, such as a smartwatch or tablet.

Image Credit: WalkingCat

The second concept video posted teases a feature referred to as “AR Office,” which generates a digital workspace environment complete with remote teleconferencing capabilities. Here, users would be able to share various 3D designs and even alter the scale to immerse themselves in their projects.

Of course, it goes without saying that the information listed above has yet to be confirmed by Samsung. These are most-likely proof-of-concepts designed to showcase the potential capabilities of future Samsung devices.

Feature Image Credit: WalkingCat

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