Location-Based AR Ghostbusters Experience Launching In Japan

Work together with friends to rid Ginza Sony Park of a ghostly threat.

Beginning this weekend in Tokyo, Japan, Ginza Sony Park will be hosting Ghostbusters In The Park, a massive live event celebrating the historic 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters. There, fans of the franchise will have the chance to test their skills as an official member of the Ghostbusters in a new augmented reality experience that will have them battling it out with hordes of virtual specters throughout a real-world environment. 

Launching October 12th, Ghostbusters Rookie Training is a multiperson location-based AR experience in which users must work together and communicate effectively in order to rid the real-world venue of a ghostly infestation. According to the official description, participants will don a prototype AR headset that will project the 3D visuals over the real-world environment; meanwhile, a pair of wrist-mounted sensors will keep track of the players’ hands, allowing them to interact with virtual elements without the need for handheld motion controls. 

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Although it’s not explained in the description, the accompanying video appears to indicate that teams will also have access to a “Muon” or “Ghost Trap,” a tool that will enable them to permanently capture and subdue any undead nuisance. While the specifics behind its plot and content remain a mystery, Sony has confirmed that the experience — which supposedly takes a full hour to complete — will feature an appearance by the infamous Stay Puft Marshmellow Man. 

Those who participate in the event will even receive a special gift to celebrate their acceptance into the Ghostbusters team. 

Image Credit: Sony

“Be a member of the Ghostbusters!,” states the company on the official event page. “Led by trainers, participants walkabout Ginza Sony Park working together to exterminate ghosts that appear throughout the venue in this new attraction making its demo debut in Japan. Experience being a Ghostbuster with an entirely new sense of immersion, equipped with a number of tools including an AR device (prototype) that utilizes the latest in augmented reality technology.”

Ghostbusters Rookie Training will be available from October 12th to December 8th at Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo, Japan. Additional information regarding the event can be found here. Along with the location-based AR experience, visitors can also check out a variety of other Ghostbusters-related attractions that promise to blend classic memories with cutting-edge technology. 

While this is the first major attempt we’ve seen at an AR-based Ghostbusters experience, it’s hardly the first time the franchise has dipped its toes into the immersive market. In 2016, hyper-reality entertainment provider The VOID partnered with Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for the launch of Ghostbusters: Dimensions, a multi-faceted interactive experience that would end up setting the standard for future location-based immersive experiences.

Feature Image Credit: Sony

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