Location-Based VR Arcade ‘Hero Hangout’ Opens Next Week In California

Exit Reality provides three of their ‘X Pod’ VR stations to the San Mateo-based entertainment center.

Created in hopes of exposing the general public to the latest high-end virtual reality technology, location-based VR entertainment center “Hero Hangout” is set to open its doors for the first time this coming Thursday in San Mateo, California.

“Our goal and vision is to enable the general public the ability to experience, learn, and get their hands dirty with these latest technologies through a state of the art Virtual Reality Arcade,” states the company. “We hope to delight our customers by providing them with the latest and greatest technologies at a low pay per minute cost.”

The all-in-one immersive arcade, developed by venture capitalist Tim Draper and run by entrepreneur and Draper University Alumni Daniel Wiegand, will feature a healthy assortment of location-based VR setups; this includes everything from KatVR Premium, a high-end omnidirectional treadmill device allowing for more natural in-game locomotion, as well as the Talon Simulator Racing/Flight/RollerCoaster Simulator.

Exit Reality has also provided three of their convenient VR booths. Referred to as “X Pods,” the all-in-one setups each include an HTC Vive headset supported by a healthy catalogue of VR games via SpringboardVR management software; all of which neatly presented within an 8×8 chrome-polished “VR cube” lit with futuristic LEDs. The pods will allow visitors to seamlessly jump between various VR experiences, from Space Pirate Trainer, to Richie’s Plank Experience.

This collaboration with Hero Hangout is just another in an increasingly-growing collection of important moves being made by the organization. Just over a month ago Exit Reality partnered with Neurogaming to develop an ambitious new multiplayer VR setup. The result was the X Arc, an impressive location-based solution powered by Neurogaming’s PlayVR content library. The debut of their X Pod only furthers the companies position as one of the industries most committed providers of location-based VR entertainment.

Hero Hangout is scheduled to open Thursday, November 29th, in downtown San Mateo. For more information visit

Access to Vive stations begin at $50 per hour, with all station access starting at $60.

Image Credit: Hero Hangout VR 

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