Language Education Enters The 21st Century With MondlyAR Learning App

Study 33 new languages in the first AR language learning app with integrated speech recognition.

It’s a well known fact that learning a second language is an excellent way of strengthening the brain and improving one’s cognitive process. Physiological studies have shown that bilingual individuals show not only an increase in multitasking capabilities and problem-solving, but a decrease in the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia as well.

Unfortunately, all that brain power doesn’t come easy, as learning an entirely new language isn’t easy.

That’s the beauty of MondlyAR, an upcoming language learning application that does away with flashcards and textbooks in favor of AR technology. Originally released as a standard educational smartphone app, Mondly is an accomplished language learning service. It was crowned 2017’s ‘App of the Year’ by Facebook in EMEA after racking up a staggering 30 million downloads.

This new AR rendition brings back that same valuable educational service, but this time with a variety of engaging AR scenarios that turn your living room into a classroom.

Built in close collaboration with Google, the app’s artificial intelligent characters guide you through the foundations of over 33 different languages via an assortment of entertaining visuals and 3D models that are sure to keep you captivated until the school bell rings.

However, MondlyAR truly shines in its speech recognition functionality. The first AR-based educational app to support the feature, users can verbally submit their responses to questions posed by the ap’ps AI, increasing not only your ability to understand new languages, but fluently speak them as well.

One good example shown in the video above comes 55 seconds in as the user attempts to respond to a drink order made by the AI. When asked what he’d like for a beverage, the user incorrectly responds in French with “Agua con, leon!?” Those familiar with the French language will recognize that phrase as, “Water with… lion!?” Instead of simply correcting the user, the AI instead generates a 3D model of a glass of water with an actual lion perched on top before asking if you’re sure that’s what they want. The important aspect here is that the app shows the users their errors and allows them to realize their painfully obvious mistakes on their own via helpful visuals. Great for learning a new language, terrible for your self-esteem.

MondlyAR comes just 6 months after the release of MondlyVR, an identical experience for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and Google Daydream headsets.

MondlyAR will be available on the Google Play Store March 19th.

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