Kung Fu Boogie – Bring On The AR Dance Battles

AR meets papercraft in this 70’s-inspired immersive toy experience.

In the 1970’s everyone was Kung Fu fighting. Kung Fu culture was seemingly everywhere, from TV and radio, film and fashion — today, Kung Fu culture and the sounds of disco are attempting a triumphant return with Kung Fu Boogie, a new AR dance battling game for kids created by Playper launching on Kickstarter October 8th

Kung Fu Boogie Paper Toy Character Lineup / Image Credit: Playper

Building on the “Crafting New Worlds” trend, along with “gamer maker” fandom, kids have the flexibility to play in the physical world by crafting 3D eco-friendly characters made entirely out of paper. They can then super power their experience with augmented reality using their mobile devices for a modern take on maker culture and gaming. 

Image Credit: Playper

Players can collect, customize, and build 10 paper ninjas and battle them in a ’70s disco dance-off. Once the Kung Fu Boogie characters are assembled it’s time for Kung Fu boogie battles. Using their phone or tablet, players can set the stage on any flat surface.

Each Kung Fu Boogie features a series of 1970’s inspired characters, such as the mysterious Alchemy, the playful Pinball, a character inspired by retro arcade games, the master of boogie, Chuck Lee, and more. On Kickstarter, a five-pack will be available for $25.00 as well as a 10-pack for $40.00

Image Credit: Playper

Kung Fu Boogie is a remix of games like Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution and Street Fighter. Players experience a non-violent dance challenge where the only weapon at your disposal is your sweet moves. 

Players can gain achievements and level up as they progress throughout the game, unlocking new dance moves, costumes, and other features. “I like it because you get to build your characters and play them like a video game.” siad 10-year-old avid “gamer maker” James. “This game looks good and I’d like to try it.” 

Image Credit: Playper

We also spoke with 9-year-old “gamer maker” Dyer, who said, “I like it because you can battle, you can play with your character, and use your phone if you want to.” 

Kung Fu Boogie is the result of research and focus group testing with parents, kids, and toy experts. Playper is led by leaders in the kids, technology, and CPG space, including Founders Michael Bruza, Webb Knudsen, and Susy Christiansen. 

Image Credit: Playper

According to a report by MarketWatch, the “AR Gaming Market” is expected to reach over $280 billion by 2023 (HTF). Plus, Smart Toy revenue is estimated to grow by almost 200% to $18 Billion by 2023 (Juniper Research). 

With that kind of growth, we look forward to more connected play experiences that bring back creative cultural moments in the physical and digital world.  

Feature Image Credit: Playper

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