Korean Amusement Park Unveils Robot VR Attraction

The chance to pilot a giant robot is finally here.

In an announcement made this Sunday, South Korean amusement park Everland revealed a brand new VR attraction that gives you the chance to control (and feel) the movements of an enormous robot in a dirty mech-on-mech brawl.

Opening this Friday in the high-tech city of Seoul, Robot VR is a three minute 4-D experience that places six passengers on the arms of a massive robot as they follow its motion in-game, spinning in full 360-degree rotations 6 metres from the ground. Samsung Gear VR’s place users right in the action as they race through a city on fire, blasting enemies and grinding enormous rails.

Even though the promotional material and advertisements claim that passengers will be able to ‘control’ their badass mech, it’s still unclear as to how much freedom they’ll actually be given. The various videos showcasing the intimidating device in action don’t appear to feature any visible controls, but the final model could differ from the one shown so far. Based on some of the in-game footage provided it seems as though users may be able to choose the direction of the robot’s movements, dodging incoming missiles by jumping left or right. I guess we’ll have to wait until it’s official opening to find out how much impact attendees will actually have.

Robot VR, a joint development by Samsung C&T and a local startup, opens at the Everland amusement park in Seoul, South Korea this Friday.

For more information visit the official website. Be sure to have your translator ready.

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