Kid Tries HTC Vive For First Time and is Blown Off His Feet

Even just a quick demo was enough to rattle this 11-year-old boy.

As more HTC Vive Pre headsets make their way into the hands of developers, daily videos of first-time VR users reacting to demos are some of our favorite to watch. Whether jaw dropping excitement or sheer terror, it’s clear that the power of virtual reality immersion can cause all sorts of reactions.

How powerful can VR be? Well in the case of 11-year-old William, quite powerful.

In this latest video uploaded to YouTube, William is shown checking out a short demo created in-house by Epic Games called Showdown. Last year, Epic released Showdown as a VR sample for Unreal Engine 4 that developers could download and run on either an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR.


With HTC Vive and headphones on, William moves through a guns-blazing scenario where bullets and debris flies through the environment in slow motion as he brings his best Neo Matrix moves to the table.


As a fiery car barrels past over head, William ducks for cover, as low as he can get.

And when it comes to finally facing off with a colossal mech enemy, William stands tall with his fists raised – ready for whatever is to come.

But he wasn’t expecting that final surprise in the end – VR can be so real sometimes.


Epic Games has recently been previewing a new VR demo for The Hobbit behind closed doors that they created with WETA Digital, called Thief in the Shadows. In this demo you are put in the place of Bilbo Baggins as you encounter the dragon Smaug for the first time. So you can be sure that when William faces off in this new Epic VR demo, he will be the one bringing the heat this time.

Image Credit: YouTube / DJDonrickyTV

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