Kendall Jenner Takes You Inside Her Closet in VR

Condé Nast Entertainment and Google team up for new ‘Supermodel Closets’ Daydream VR series.

Standing in front of me, in a perfectly organized wardrobe closet, Kendall Jenner picks up a pair of platform booties given to her by Kanye West and proudly holds it out in front of her. Now i’m kneeling in a fitting room as Jenner sits on top of a Versace dress laid out on the floor, Gucci bags on one side and bright red shooties on the other.

No, I didn’t just become part of Jenner’s crew over night or her new trusted fashion consultant—even though we all know that’s bound to happen one day. I really just put on a VR headset. So if you’ve been dying to hang out with Jenner in her closet, listening to stories as she pulls out different pieces from her wall to wall wardrobe rooms—now you can.

Condé Nast Entertainment and Google Daydream have unveiled a new VR series today that takes you inside the closets of some of the most iconic Vogue cover supermodels.

The first episode transports you into the closet of Kendall Jenner, where she takes you on a roughly 4-minute tour showing off her favorite vintage Hermes handbag, matching pajamas, and even some boots Kanye West gave her. Available exclusively on Vogue’s YouTube channel, the VR series is a celebration of Vogue’s 125th anniversary and this year’s upcoming September issue.

Shot in partnership with Google’s Daydream team using the new Yi HALO Jump system, the five-episode series also includes a peek into Cindy Crawford’s closet in a yet to be released upcoming episode. “Supermodel Closets” is produced by Julina Tatlock, CEO of 30 Ninjas, who along with her co-founder director Doug Liman also produced CNÉ’s VR Series “Invisible.”

Speaking with VRScout, Tatlock shared that each model in the series was shot over two hours on location in their closets, or in the case of Jenner, her closet and her fitting room. The idea was to capture as much natural interaction and storytelling as possible, only then to distill it down to a quick video that “reflects the energy and personality of the individual.”

In the case of Jenner, who has a more energetic personality, Tatlock made use of jumps cuts, speed ramps, and even jump cuts into speed ramps when editing the final episode. Speeding up the footage during certain parts of the episode, or speed ramping as it’s called, not only helped with pacing but also draws your attention in a way that is traditionally accomplished with graphics.

Of course with Google Daydream involved in the project, the entire series is indeed best viewed with a VR headset. Shot in stereo 360° video, there are a few moments in the episode where Jenner brings forward fashion items or steps closer to the camera that many fans will appreciate. “Those are moments that because they’re in stereo, you really feel the power of being in the room with her, and you feel that intimacy,” said Tatlock.

Anyone can view this first episode in the series on YouTube, but for the most immersive experience, snap your mobile device into a Google Cardboard or Daydream View headset for the best viewing experience. The remaining four episodes will be rolled out over the next month.

Image Credit: Caleb Adams for Vogue

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