Keep It Classy In Cavalier Genève’s VR Cigar Lounge

The custom virtual space features art, photos, and 3D models inspired by the companies new LE2020 blend.

This past December premium cigar purveyor Cavalier Genève allowed a select number of attendees access to a one-of-a-kind virtual cigar bar to celebrate the launch of the companies collectible Limited Edition 2020 blend. Here, visitors could explore a custom-built VR space featuring art, photos, and 3D renderings of the newly-released cigar and box.

And while Cavalier’s LE2020 blend has long since sold out, cigar aficionados can now access the companies private cigar bar lounge to learn a little more about the company and its product. Live audio chat allows up to 15 people to chat in VR at one time. You can also sit back and watch a video of founder Sébastien Decoppet as he provides further details regarding his time in Danli, Honduras where the LE2020 blend was produced.

“Because the LE2020 was sold out before even arriving to the US, we wanted to create an online feature to memorialize it on the website for collectors to reference,” said Decoppet, founder and CEO of Cavalier Genève Premium Cigars in an official release.

“We’re always innovating and thought that with 2020 having been all about meeting in virtual spaces, a permanent, immersive and interactive VR environment would be perfect, and it’s unheard of in the cigar industry, so we were happy to be first,” added Wesley McQuillen, Principal, ALTER Strategies, the marketing agency for Cavalier Genève.

Cavalier’s virtual cigar lounge is available now to the public via WebVR-compatible headsets, smartphones, tablets, and computers at

Feature Image Credit: Cavalier Genève Cigars

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