Keep Drunk To Stay Alive In This Hilarious VR Zombie Game

Just because the world is ending, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.

A majority of the world’s population has been infected by a deadly virus that is turning sober people into flesh-eating zombies. Obviously, your best defense is to gather up all of the booze and weapons you can get your hands on, get trashed with your buds, and then blast your way through the apocalypse.

Drunk or Dead 2 from 4 I Lab takes all of the explosive fun from the original and levels up the gameplay with more action, more zombies, and of course more booze! Because let’s be honest, being sober during a zombie apocalypse would suck on multiple levels.

Just in case you didn’t play the first Drunk or Dead, a mysterious virus is spreading across the world turning people into zombies. Somehow scientists have figured out that the only cure to avoid becoming a zombie is by having an irresponsible amount of alcohol in your system.

The storyline of Drunk or Dead 2 picks up after the first game. Humanity has managed to adapt to its bizarre new reality. People are still partying and killing zombies, fighting their way through boss levels, and collecting weapons along with every last drop of booze they can find. This sweet VR sequel allows up to four players (two local or four online) to traverse the apocalypse together and slay hordes of flesh-eating zombies while absolutely smashed.

There is also a solo campaign if you’d like, which still provides plenty of opportunities to kill zombies and party. But there’s something special about surviving the apocalypse with actual friends. It’s good for the soul. You can even meet new people online and explore the town for weapons and bottles of booze. Try your hand at all four classes in the game to discover even more fun.

You’ll have plenty of kickass weapons at your disposal to turn zombies into a pile of rotten ground beef. This includes a wide range of customizable guns, a massive turret that will obliterate anything in front of you, and some cool vehicles designed for mowing down the undead. If things get really out of hand, you can bust out the big guns, such as the powerful rocket launchers and a cool robotic drone that can wipe out hordes of zombies with ease. 

Just don’t forget to keep the party going. You have a watch that you’ll need to check often that will tell you when you’re getting sober. Taking swigs of booze between kills is part of your survival! Just be sure not to drink too much, because then you’ll end up seeing double, which makes it pretty hard to kill zombies. 

If this sounds like your thing, Drunk or Dead 2 will be coming to Meta Quest 2 VR headsets via the Quest Store next year followed by PC VR headsets via Steam and Viveport in early 2023. In the meantime, you can add the game to your Steam wishlist here

The original Drunk or Dead is available for most PC VR headsets by clicking here

Image Credit: 4 I Lab

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