Kate Moss Stars in the World’s First VR Perfume Ad

What’s more glamorous than Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue? Kate Moss in virtual reality, of course. That’s why Samsung teamed up with renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury to produce the world’s first VR perfume ad starring the supermodel for New York Fashion Week.

NYFW guests wore Samsung Gear VR headsets to experience a 360º video set in outer space with a sparkling Moss and a male model (who dances in front of you awkwardly for a bit too long).

VR commercials are a first for the perfume industry and also a first for Moss — who is the muse of makeup artist Tilbury.


The beauty expert, who operates a successful YouTube how-to channel, says the interactivity of VR commercials opens up more “emotional pathways” than normal advertisements.

“There are these portals you go down when you put the VR on,” Tilbury tells Adweek. “… You kind of have the feeling that there’s this limitless way to how you feel, and that you could be dancing on Orion’s Belt, or you could be at a party with Kate Moss.”

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Advertising will play a significant role in growing the VR industry to an estimated $162 billion by 2020, according to IDC. We already live in a time where Nicole Kidman is starring in VR ads  and automakers are using VR to sell their cars.

One day you could even be whiffing a fragrance in a VR perfume ad. FeelReal has already invented a mask which vaporizes odor cartridges so you can actually smell your VR experience. Could the world’s second VR perfume ad offer something similar?

You can watch a 360º YouTube video of “Scent of a Dream” below.

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