Kat VR’s New VR Treadmill Promises More Bang For Your Buck

Switchable Vehicle Simulation Modes transform the company’s VR treadmill into a vehicle and cockpit simulator.

KAT VR yesterday announced two new additions to its lineup of consumer-ready VR treadmills that promise more for less. Heading soon to Kickstarter, the Kat Walk C2 and KAT Walk C2 Plus feature a meriad of improvements over the original KAT Walk C, from advanced ergonomics to the first-ever ‘Vehicle Hub’ powered by a smart sitting posture system.

Compatible with all major headsets—including the Meta Quest, PC VR, and PlayStation VR—the KAT Walk C2 promises a natural walking experience complete with comfortable 360-degree movement, allowing you to safely run, walk, jump, and crouch in all VR games with free-locomotion support. This includes popular titles such as Half-Life: Alyx, Blade & Sorcery, and Boneworks, and After the Fall just to name a few.

The system is fairly straightforward. Users don a pair of specialized shoes and stand on a frictionless platform while attached to an adjustable harness. This allows them to “move” infinitely in VR while remaining in a fixed position in the real world. The KAT Walk C2 promises more precise movements than the original C2, including 1:1 mapping of any foot movement in full 360-degrees. This is thanks to the new dedicated shoes equipped with an optical sensor in the sole.

The KAT Walk C2 Plus promises an even more engaging experience. This pro version VR treadmill features integrated haptic technology compatible with existing motion controller haptics. Anytime haptics are triggered on the motion controllers—whether it be gunfire, explosions, etc.—so too is the C2 Plus Haptic Module, resulting in a more realistic in-headset experience.

That said the most exciting addition has to be the new Smart Sitting Posture System, which allows the user to go from a standing to a seated position instantaneously. The C2 Plus is able to automatically detect when you sit, locking the system in place until you stand up. The system features a handful of Switchable Vehicle Simulation Modes capable of simulating different vehicles, from regular cars to heavy aircraft. There’s even Randomized Road-Events Haptic Simulation, which triggers random haptic events while in Switchable Vehicle Simulation Mode.

The C2 Plus also features a cool light-up platform. Necessary? No. Cool to look at? You betcha.

The KAT Walk C2 and C2 Plus will be available for funding on Kickstarter beginning May 13th. The treadmills will feature a tiered pricing system. Upgrading your pledge to the C2 Plus will cost an additional $200:

  1. C2: Quantity-Limited – Super KATer Extra Early Bird – $698 + Delivery
  2. C2: Quantity-Limited – Extra Early-Bird – $798 + Delivery
  3. C2: Quantity-Limited – Early-Bird – $898 + Delivery
  4. C2: Unlimited – Special Kickstarter Offer – $998 + Delivery

Seeing as the original KAT Walk C ended up being the most funded VR peripheral in Kickstarter history, it’ll be interesting to see how these upgraded treadmills fair on the popular crowd-funding website. For more information visit here.

Image Credit: KAT VR

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