Kaleidoscope Reveals VR Lineup for Showcase Vol. 2

The quarterly VR event series will hit 11 cities around the world.

On the heels of last year’s Kaleidoscope’s Summer Showcase that traveled to eight cities across the globe, Kaleidoscope is expanding their Showcase Vol. 2 to now include four additional cities. The quarterly event series that features some of the best new work from VR creators includes a diverse selection of over 20 VR experiences.

The announced Official Selection of projects for Showcase Vol. 2 will feature a lineup of Within’s groundbreaking Life of Us, created by Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk, with music by Pharrell Williams. Life of Us is a Within Original, produced by Chris Milk, Megan Ellison through her Annapurna pictures and Made with Unity. In addition, Kaleidoscope will be showcasing, Arnaud Colinart’s Kinoscope which takes you on a whirlwind tour of cinema history, Gabriela Arp’s powerful Traces, and the World Premieres of Tender Claws’ dystopian comedic masterpiece Virtual, Virtual Reality and Quba Michalski’s visually stunning Ex/Static, as well as special presentations of our favorite projects from Sundance including Tyler Hurd’s latest creation Chocolate, Lily Baldwin and Sashka Unseld’s haunting Through You, Oculus Story Studio’s Dear Angelica, the tripnotic Crystal Vibes, and the always entertaining Mindshow. Showcase events will also include live presentations from top VR creators.

Ex\Static by Quba Michalski

“The quality of work in the Volume 2 Showcase is remarkable and proves virtual reality is quickly evolving into a legitimate art form,” said Kaleidoscope co-founder Selena Pinnell. “We are thrilled to feature new projects from new creators, and to highlight the groundbreaking work of local pioneers in each city.”

INDEFINITE by Darren Emerson

Expanding on Showcase Vol.1’s existing London, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Leipzig, Portland, Seoul, and San Francisco locations, Showcase Vol. 2 will return with the addition of Paris, Kyiv, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

Chocolate by Adam Rogers and Tyler Hurd

Founded in May 2015 by designers René & Selena Pinnell, Kaleidoscope’s quarterly event series is run entirely by a network of local community leaders. Joined by producer Jill Klekas, the startup’s mission is to give VR creators the exposure and support they need to create killer VR content. Kaleidoscope showcases finished projects, helps secure funding for future projects, and host events around the world that explore the art, science, and business of VR.

To check your local city, purchase tickets, and see the complete Official Selection you can go here.

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