‘Jetpack Vacation’ Is Basically ‘Rocket League’ In VR


Available now on SteamVR headsets, Jetpack Vacation is a hilarious VR sports game that has you flying about a virtual stadium and using your head to hit a massive soccer ball into your opponent’s goal. It’s a bit like the popular multiplayer game Rocket League, only instead of driving a rocket-powered car, you’re zipping around like Iron Man using two hand-mounted rockets.

“Prepare to take flight! Explore a tropical paradise with your own handheld jetpacks where you can hang out with other players, score some goals in Jetpack Stadium, or try your hand at target shooting! Pack your virtual bags and get ready for your own Jetpack Vacation!,” stated the company in an official release.

Brought to us by developer Tourism Infinity, Jetpack Vacation takes place on Jetpack Island, a tropical paradise filled with various jetpack-based activities. At the center of the island is the Jetpack Vacation Sports Arena. Here you can duke it out against other players in a soccer-like competition. In order to win, you’ll need to carefully control your handheld rockets and headbutt the ball into your opponent’s net; a beautiful combination of elegance and brute force.

Image Credit: Tourism Infinity

In addition to theJetpack Vacation Sports Arena, you also have access to various Excursion Portals leading to other jetpack-based minigames. This includes Jetpack Racing, a competitive game mode that has you racing against friends and strangers through a Fall Guys-like obstacles course, as well as a Target Practice.Of course, you can always kick back and explore Jetpack Island at your leisure. If you’re not sure what to try next, check in with your in-game tour guide, Steve the Drone.

Jetpack Vacation is available now on SteamVR headsets for $9.99. For more information visit here. According to the developer, additional minigames are on the way.

Feature Image Credit: Tourism Infinity

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