‘Jetpack Vacation’ Brings Multiplayer Jetpack Racing To VR

Soar through a tropical island paradise and challenge other players in a variety of jetpack sports.

Available this October on SteamVR headsets, Jetpack Vacation puts you in control of handheld jetpacks as you fly throughout a colorful island environment and challenge other players in a handful of jetpack-based minigames, from soccer and racing to paintball target practice.

Indie VR game developer Tourism Infinity promises a family-friendly multiplayer experience centered around easy-to-learn VR jetpack mechanics designed to significantly limit any chance of motion sickness. As you learn to master your jetpack flying skills, you can embark on a variety of excursions located throughout a volcanic island composed of several floating landmasses and other unique structures.

In addition to the tropical island paradise, players will have access to three jetpack-based minigames at launch:

  • Target Practice Paintball – Fire multicolored paintballs at floating targets scattered throughout the beautiful island locale in an effort to claim the high score.
  • Jetpack Racing – Challenge other players to fast-paced races that will have you navigating a gauntlet of colorful obstacles, from moving entrenceways to giant fruit.
  • Jetpack Soccer – Go for the goal in this team-based game mode that combines fast-paced jetpack physics with the excitement of soccer.

Jetpack Vacation is a whole new way to holiday! Equipped with handheld jetpacks, you can fly, dive and shoot your way through a collection of fun jetpack-based mini-games. Prepare for takeoff!”, states the company on their website.

Jetpack Vacation arrives on SteamVR headsets on October 20th, 2021. Those interested in strapping in to a jetpack early can sign up for the free open beta via the games’ official Discord.

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Feature Image Credit: Tourism Infinity

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