‘Jentrix’ On Oculus Quest Combines ‘Jenga’ And ‘Tetris’

Mix and match a never-ending wave of colorful fruit in this nerve-wracking VR puzzle game.

Available now on Oculus Quest headsets via the Oculus App Lab, Jentrix is a unique VR puzzle-solving game that tasks you with mixing and matching colorful fruit (and sometimes wildlife) throughout a whimsical jungle paradise. Similar to the classic board game Jenga, the fruit is stacked in pairs of three, forming an unstable fruit tower. Your job is to disassemble this increasingly growing structure before it comes crumbling down on top of you.

Matching three of the same type of fruit using your Touch controllers will automatically remove a portion of the tower. Just make sure you’re delicate in your movements; one wrong move could mean the end of all your hard work. As you continue to remove blocks, more will generate from the sky, trapping you in a never-ending loop similar to the iconic tile-matching game Tetris.

Jentrix features two game modes: Arcade and Unlimited. Arcade mode has you solving several rounds of puzzles throughout a variety of locations from a pirate ship to a volcano. Unlimited mode, on the other hand, lets you practice your puzzle-solving skills against a never-ending wave of fruit.


Trying the game out for myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the simple yet addicting tile-matching mechanics. The Jenga-like gameplay is a perfect fit for VR; the Oculus Touch controllers allow you to disassemble towers just as you would in real life. Using the analog sticks, you can rotate around the structure to find the perfect angle. Overall, this is one of the more comfortable VR puzzle-solving games I’ve tried on the Oculus Quest. Moving forward, it would be interesting to see additional types of fruit and perhaps several in-game modifiers added to the game.

Jentrix is available now for $9.99 on Oculus Quest headsets via the Oculus App Lab.

Feature Image Credit: SPHEROOM LIMITED

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