Become A Jedi, Play Holochess With This Star Wars AR Headset

Disney reveals an exciting augmented reality partnership with Lenovo at D23 conference.

With every new Star Wars film comes new tie-ins, video games, merchandise and pretty much anything else you can slap a picture of R2D2 or Finn on. So naturally Disney’s D23 conference in Anaheim, California was filled to the brim with new content from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

However one of the most interesting reveals had to be an augmented reality headset built specifically for Star Wars-based content. Developed in partnership with Lenovo, the proprietary headset requires a smart phone to use, much like other mobile VR options such as the Samsung Gear VR or the Google DayDream View.

During the conference, Disney showed a short video highlighting some of the game’s ambitious concepts, like intense ground conflicts filled with soldiers and roaming hordes of AT-AT’s. A variety of other exclusive experiences set within the feuding galaxy will be coming to the device as well, beginning with Star Wars Jedi Challenges. This first AR game will have players using a motion controller modeled after the lightsaber wielded by Anakin, Luke and now Rey. In real-life the controller is more of a lightknife than a lightsaber. But as soon as the headset goes on that little glowing nub extends into the full blade used by the Jedi.

Disney also revealed plans to bring Holochess (specifically Dejarik) to the upcoming headset. This a holographic board game that can be seen being played by both Chewbacca and C-3PO whilst aboard the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Episode IV.

No release date has been set for neither the headset or Jedi Challenges. However according to the official website the device will be “coming soon to Best Buy and”

Among some of the other noteworthy announcements was the Oculus Rift exclusive Marvel Powers United VR experience. The upcoming title will let players step into the shoes of some of Marvel’s most celebrated heroes and take on waves of enemies side-by-side with their friends.

Killer showing from Disney in terms of new investments in VR and AR. Hopefully the mega media giant continues this trend and continues to help kids (or me) everywhere live their dreams of wielding a lightsaber or harnessing the awesome power of the Hulk.

Image Credit: Lenovo

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