Jaunt Launches VR Documentary Series with Paul McCartney

Embark on a personal journey with Paul McCartney in this six-part VR documentary series.

If you ever had the chance to sit with legendary singer-songwriter Paul McCartney and pick his brain – what would you ask him? Would you want to hear about the inspiration behind some of his most iconic songs? Or maybe you would rather he reflect on all the wild memories he had while in the recording studio or on tour.

Now thanks to a VR collaboration between Paul McCartney and cinematic VR studio Jaunt, you have a chance get those answers, all while sitting in his home studio.

Jaunt and Paul McCartney have released the first two episodes of PURE McCartney VR, a six-part series of VR documentary shorts.


The VR short series is part of the upcoming launch of PURE McCartney, a career-spanning compilation album that is set to release on June 10, 2016. The immersive VR shorts bring you into McCartney’s home studio as he recounts memories and anecdotes related to various tracks from the album. There is also archived and never-before-seen footage included in the VR experiences, which makes even that much better.


The PURE McCartney VR episodes dive into the stories behind various iconic songs, chronicling “Dance Tonight”, “Coming Up”, “My Valentine”, “Mull of Kintyre” and “Early Days”. Today’s episodes launch with “Dance Tonight” and “Coming Up,” with the rest releasing individually until the album drops in June. The next episode of “My Valentine – Part 1” will be released on Tuesday 5/31.

Screenshot from "Dance Tonight".

Screenshot from “Dance Tonight”.

In creating the VR series, the team sought out the creative experts in the field, including award-winning Director, Tony Kaye; Producer and Soundscape Architect Geoff Emerick; and Executive Producers Cliff Plumer, Lucas Wilson and Doug Allenstein. The resulting VR experiences include not only high quality cinematic VR, but digitally remastered and spatially oriented ambisonic audio mixed in Dolby Atmos. This project marks the first time an original Paul McCartney track has been remixed in Dolby Atmos.

“It is an honor to be part of such a tremendously talented team of artists, tasked with documenting the thinking of this great man, in order to bring his fans a new means of experiencing some of his greatest songs,” said Tony Kaye, director for PURE McCartney VR. “His musical genius is now on display for the world in an entirely new light.”


The first two episodes can be found on and are stunning examples of bringing to life an interview with Paul McCartney using a mix of graphics, music, animation and archived footage.

Each track will also be released into the custom Paul McCartney world within the Jaunt VR App that is available on iOS, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Desktop 360.

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