First Look: Jaunt’s VR Camera Codenamed NEO

Jaunt VR NEO ONE Camera

Jaunt has announced the launch of a new professional grade VR camera series codenamed “NEO” that will enable the next generation of filmmakers to produce the highest quality VR experiences.

NEO was built from the ground up and is Jaunt’s 5th generation of camera systems. With advancements in key components from previous hardware designs, Jaunt states that they have elevated not only the capture and quality of VR content, but also the industrial design of the entire system.

With the NEO cameras, Jaunt Studios will scale up production of professional-grade VR content. Jaunt Studios launched in May, and is focused on developing and producing cinematic VR experiences in collaboration with brands and agencies. The first NEO camera systems will be available to partners in August 2015, with production to scale up later this year.

Industrial Design by LUNAR.

Industrial Design by LUNAR.

“With NEO we have overcome many of the technical hurdles of producing high quality cinematic VR experiences,” said Arthur van Hoff, co-founder and CTO of Jaunt.

The NEO system features:

●        High quality, high resolution, full 360° capture
●        Custom optics specifically designed for 3D light-field capture
●        Large format sensors with superior low-light performance
●        High dynamic range (HDR) imaging
●        Fully synchronized global shutter sensor array
●        Time-lapse and high frame-rate capture
●        Compact and weatherproof form factor
●        Stunning 360 degree industrial design by LUNAR
●        Extensive tool set for configuration, rendering, and asset management

“Every aspect of the NEO design, from the high-speed image sensor, to the wide-angle optics, to the embedded software, was engineered with cinematic VR capture in mind,” said Koji Gardiner, Director of Hardware Engineering at Jaunt and the lead behind the new camera design. “NEO is a flexible system that offers turn-on-and-shoot simplicity for capturing spontaneous events, while also providing full manual control for creatives to set up the perfect shot.”

In addition to the NEO camera series, Jaunt also engineered important improvements to their creative workflow allowing for easier integration with the use of the leading post-production tools commonly used by today’s creatives. With these new workflow improvements, Jaunt Studios partners can now create and edit VR content using tools such as Avid, Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Nuke, RV, Shotgun, Maya, 3Ds Max, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Scratch, Lustre and others to create the highest-quality VR content available.

Jaunt Studios will continue to support its current cameras as well as third party systems.  The objective is to provide filmmakers with tools and techniques that serve their creative process, unlocking the true potential of their creative vision.

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