Jaunt Launches Publishing Platform for Your Cinematic VR Content

You can now submit your creation for consideration on the platform.

Jaunt announced Thursday the launch of Jaunt Publishing, a program that allows the growing community of professional VR creators to publish their high quality VR content directly to the Jaunt VR app.

Up until now, the virtual reality content company has stuck to mostly creating original VR content with partners to be published on their own Jaunt platform. In the past couple months we’ve seen Jaunt roll out a handful of VR series, including an eSports documentary in partnership with ESL, a personal journey with Paul McCartney and a collaboration with Camp4 Collective that takes you on a journey with extreme athletes.


Now with the launch of Jaunt Publishing, you will be able to submit your work for consideration and publishing across the Jaunt platform. If your content is approved by an internal review board, you’ll have access to what the company is calling Jaunt Cloud Services, a process that should look familiar if you’ve published 360-degree video on other content platforms like YouTube and Facebook. However, Jaunt is touting their “transcode in the cloud” publishing tool to save time from having to encode each file format manually.


Arthur van Hoff, Jaunt’s CTO, founder and interim CEO, added, “It’s great to be able to provide a creative outlet for content creation in VR. We’re excited to be able to work with more of the VR creative community to showcase the high quality VR experiences they’re making.

One can’t argue that platforms like YouTube and Facebook can be beneficial for creators trying to maximize the reach of 360-degree video content. But for creators looking to publish VR content platform agnostic, Jaunt Publishing may be worth a look. The platform supports a wide array of VR headsets and platforms like iOS, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and desktop 360.


Jaunt hopes to solve some of the challenges when it comes to multichannel distribution of VR. Although it can be a benefit for creators who just want to make their content accessible no matter the device, it’d be great to see Jaunt support more creators with funds to continue creating more amazing VR content. Other companies are taking different approaches to fuel creators. Oculus launched a VR for Good program to inspire the next generation of VR filmmakers and Samsung announced their Samsung Creators program that just straight up offers cash prizes and resources  for content.

We’ll get there — one 360 video at a time.

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